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Wondering about the name? Two beings, seated at two different corners of the world, with parallel conviction came across each other- similarities syncing through traveling and its ways; soul-mates? No. Let’s just put it in more peripatetic terms- Bedouins. 

I prefer traveling in mini-groups, even duo would do. And I bring this blog for you, sharing the details that I came across while traveling. And if you are reading this, then you are the other bedouin. Two Bedouins- the one who is writing and the one who is reading. And this is how we connect. "The Travel Chronicles of Two Bedouins". 

And hence the name DoiBedouin, doi meaning duo or two in Romanian and Bedouin from beduin in Old French meaning nomadic gypsies.


And yes I do these in between my research (trust me the break is a mandate or the brain would not work). However, to identify the whereabouts of a place in detail, the best is slow traveling and it is imaginable while being in a full time job too. If you ask me how, change your profession or take a transfer in the same, once in a while, and you would know it is indeed possible.

Life Is Not About Finding Yourself, 

It Is About Creating Yourself.

What I did, or doing, is not a directive for others, but yes, we all wanderers have one cord in common, holding us together, wanderlove, and that is where the “Doi” flashes in. I do love solo traveling, but a companion is a cherry on the cake. Be it my mother, my father, one of my few close friends, my beau or even one of my students, a joint venture continually contributed an additional happiness. The duo traveling, as I choose to call it, when it comes to the expenditures, is equivalent to solo; but as pointed out from the other party, to quote Arrow from DCU, I “never failed” to surprise the contemporary other.

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So Why my Blog?

Are you a travel buff? Do you find yourself planning itineraries every then and now? Are you the combo of planner as well as the implementer of a “trip”? Then we match a lot. And that is indeed the connection. My blog will showcase the world through my lens and words to you.

So, to the “other one” sitting on the other side of the computer screen, are you ready to be the other Bedouin walking through the twines of internet and virtually visit the place I have been to? If yes, then welcome, hopefully, you won't be disappointed.

It is a genuine effort from my side so that the readers feel at the road being at home itself. 

You can share your travel story and experiences by emailing us at doibedouin@gmail.com. We would publish it given to the uniqueness of the story.

Happy Reading Folks! And Happy Traveling. 

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