The Animated Movies to Stoke up Your Wanderlust during this Lockdown #travelstoke #lockdowntravel

Everything from the comfort corners of your house. Even travel. Ever since the lockdown, we miss seeing the places. More than ever, we miss being busy. Now that we have surplus time at hand, we are all finding ways to overcome this sudden phase lag in our life. Be it the cooking endeavors, learning a new language, getting lost in the pages of a book, or watch a movie over popcorn, we diligently linger a time-lapse sojourn at our very own homestay, we call HOME.

For the first four lockdown phases, I convinced myself to the boundaries of my home. And I channeled my inner wanderlust by bringing places to my kitchen. In doing so, I had an epicurean visit to a few corners of India. But let’s be real, holding on to one practice make it monochrome. So, before venturing out on a World tour on the same plate, I am sending my brain to creative Worlds simply by curling up on my bed. Binge-watching the movies in between my pillows “I found a love for me”.


The lockdown is enough stressful in itself. What could be more refreshing than a handful of animated movies? While some send you off to an imaginary world, some are quite a mention. Not only does it inspire you to travel, but also it transports you to the very place. As real as it ever could be! Well, I am an animated movie buff and an avid lover of the places. Whether or not, you are, these movies will not fail your traveling id. So hop on, get in your comfy pajamas, and set yourself in the boundaries of your pillows. Let your journey begin!!!


The Animated Movies to Stoke up Your Wanderlust during this Lockdown #travelstoke #lockdowntravel

    The Lion King (2019)

    (Animated: The Lion King (1994), The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride (1998))
    Where: Kenya, Tanzania.

    Hakuna Matata! It means no worries. A perfect Swahili phrase to keep things going positive in these hard times. The only negative we hope, for now, is “Corona Negative”.

    A story of a lion cub reclaiming its power to the throne on the Prideland, somewhere in Africa, this movie is a visual safari through the African moors and a perfect push to visit Tanzania. The movie opens up with the scenic backdrop of Mt. Kilimanjaro and an animal parade on the moorland below. Real-life locations are aptly illustrated on the reels, namely the Olduvai Gorge where one of the vital scenes takes place is quite the reference to the wildebeest migrations. Peppered with African scenic beauties of Serengeti, Masai Mara, and so on, the film is sure to quench your long desire to visit Tanzania and Kenya as well.

     lion king review doibedouin review of lion king doibedouin


    Aladdin (2019)

    (Animated: Aladdin (1992), The Return of Jafar (1994), Aladdin and the King of Thieves (1996))
    Where: Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

    A Diamond in the Rough. Huh! Although a remake of the previously animated film, the storyline sees the imprints of the Disney Renaissance. Princess Jasmine is seen voicing out her opinions and ready to take things at her hand, unlike in the animated one. However, the original design of 1001 Arabian Nights prevails and plots the main storyline. Good vs. evil and overcoming the same. Aladdin befriending Genie, loving Jasmine, his usual tussles, and evolving out as a better self.  The sequel sees Jafar avenging the trickery on him while Iago has a change of bird-heart. The second sequel is a treasure hunt and a reunite of the father-son duo. The third installment is inspired by the “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves” from 1001 Arabian Nights.

    As Conde Nast Traveler noted, the Sultan’s palace in the animated series bears a resemblance to epitomized Taj Mahal and the city of Agrabah, apparently, an acronym of Agra and Baghdad can be a merge of both. The live-action remake shows the glimpses of Wadi Rum Desert, the strongholds of the Bedouin community. Wadi Rum is abundant with the all-encompassing sand dunes, rock caverns, and spectacular landscapes just the perfect setting for weaving a fairy-tale. Visuals of camel safaris in the movie, as Jafar walked through the desert will make your day.

    aladdin movie review doibedouinaladdin movie review


    Missing Link (2019)

    Where: Pacific Northwest, India, Nepal.

    A British explorer fights hard to prove his efficiency amidst a council of scientists. He is contacted by a Sasquatch, “the countryside version of Yeti” as referred later in the movie. Besides travel, it also exquisitely portrays the development of the character from a tad-bit self-centered man looking for peer recognition to an empathetic human being.

    Although they set out for a Utopian land of Shangrila, the journey is the main theme that runs through the movie. The characters journey on ships, trains, carriages, elephant safaris, and finally trek to the Himalayas. The transition is beautifully depicted on vintage maps. The characters are on a constant move. The film has its very own itinerary just like in Around the World in 80 days.

    From London to Pacific Northwest to California to Arizona to New York, by sea to Paris, a train journey through Europe to a port in Italy, a sea voyage to India through the Suez canal, wherefrom an Elephant safari to Nepal. We get peeps of Buddhist Chortens through a bunch of Rhododendron flowers. Thereafter they reach the mountainous village of Nar-Phu Valley wherefrom they trek to the Himalayas. A must-see movie. 

    missing link review doibedouinmissing link review doibedouin

    Abominable (2019)

    Where: China. Qiandaohu or Thousand Island Lake, Huangshan or the Yellow Mountains, Gobi Desert, Leshan Giant Buddha, Wanfenglin, or Forest of Ten Thousand Peaks.

    Another yeti movie in the bag. Yi, the protagonist is seen to be distancing herself from her family members, holding on to her memories of her late father. In the process, she meets a yeti-kid and bonds with him. Naming him, Everest and determined to safely deliver him to his home on Mt. Everest, Yi sets on a quest along with her second siblings from Shanghai. Later, she realizes that her travel path they followed was her father’s itinerary that Everest chose to gift her.

    Awesomely capturing vistas of China, a few bad guys and a story of friendship, this movie revolves around a teenager’s travel esprit. Traveling helped her befriending with a stranger yeti, reform her lost bond with her siblings, and recover from the loss of her father and finally returning to her family as more complete. 


     abominable movie reviewabominable movie review 


    Mission Kathmandu: The Adventures of Nelly and Simon (2018)

    Where: Kathmandu, Nepal.

    The movie will grip you, even with its loopholes, given the fun settings. The storyline is yet another follow-up of a Yeti expedition. And if its yeti, then it has to be the Himalayas. A novice detective and an anthropologist team up to reach Kathmandu to look for a Sherpa family. A member of the said family previously escorted the Mallory expedition and never returned. The youngest member Tenzing joins them this time. 

    We get glimpses of Nepalese countryside here, a typical stepped terrain with the mountainous backdrop. The localities with its monks and archetypal monasteries, few souvenirs specifically the Mahakala masks, few Nepali words from the same seller, and an unquestionable “Namaste” and “dhanyabad” and “sahib”. And not to forget the food, the basics- chapatti and dole mirchi (bread and red pepper). Even, we get an idea about the helicopter ride from Kathmandu to the Everest base camp here. What followed is a bit elusive and full of ambiguities. The trek through the high altitude slopes of the Himalayas is hardly an easy task. With so few outwear, one would succumb to frostbites. And no one could survive a crash landing there. That is way too much an exaggeration. 


     mission kathmandu a yeti adventure mission kathmandu, a yeti adventure review

    Coco (2017)

    Where: Mexico

    A story of love, family, and fight for passion. Depicting a closer insight into the culture of Mexico, this movie revolves around bracing Mama Coco’s memories. To connect the right dots of past and the present and in order to lift the ancient ban on music, Miguel, a music lover sets on an adventurous trail to “The land of the Dead” on “the Day of the Dead”. And in an unexpected turn of events, he discovers and solves the secreted mysteries.

    The movie brings out the Memorial Day of a Mexican village celebrating the day of the dead, with a couple of twists and turns of its own. During these days, the families decorate the pedestals at home remembering the dead, visit the cemeteries cleaning the graves, and gifting foods and flowers. You can easily delve into the cultural aspects with a little music on the way. After all, what is a festival without a little music?

    Since Spanish is the de-facto national language of the Mexicans, Mexico is pronounced as “Mehico” in Spanish. However, it is still Mexico in English.

     coco movie review coco review doibedouin

    Moana (2016)

    Where: Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Polynesia.

    The newest love of the Disney princesses’ list. A sea lover right from the birth, Moana looks out for the ways to reconcile her tribe, of the Motunui islands, with the sea. The opportunity arrives when the ocean herself chooses her to return the heart of Te-Fiti (resembling the real-life island of Tahiti). On her quest, she is resorted by Maui and learns up sailing. On completion of her quest, she returns back to her village and inspires her people to navigate out in the sea, again.

    Throughout the movie, the tempting views of the sea and the Samoan shoreline give you the beach vibes all along. The people of Motunui islands are said to have been inspired by the islanders of Samoa. Maui is seen to represent the Maori people with its legendary tattoos. The culture of the Polynesian islands is greatly reflected throughout the movie. Like, the Taualuga dance performed for the celebration of Moana taking responsibility of her village. Or, the Tuiga, the feathery crown she was wearing.

    moana review
    moana review samoa
    samoan culture in moana review

    The Jungle Book (2016)

    (Animated: The Jungle Book (1967), The Jungle Book 2 (2003))
    Where: Kanha National Park, India. Kipling’s story has a resemblance to the forests of Madhya Pradesh (Seoni as mentioned in the book).

    The on-screen adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s magnum opus, the film is set in the jungles of India. The animated version starts with a “man-cub” being fostered by an Indian wolf-pack. The remake follows the same steps, with a few or more differences. The sequel is a revisit to the jungle from the ‘man-village’, definitely with a more of human touch to it, with Shanti and Ranjan.

    Shere Khan, a royal Bengal tiger is the antagonist while Mowgli, the “man-cub” is the center of the storyline. The film portrays various flicks from the Indian flora and fauna. The Himalayan brown bear, Baloo is Mowgli’s literal best friend while the Black Panther, Bagheera is his Godfather. Amidst all the face-offs we get glimpses of Indian Elephants, Langurs and Macaques, Apes, a Python, and some creative beauties of the Indian forests. While a story of a little boy, this film does not fall short to incredibly bring out the essence of life in the jungles.

     jungle book review mowgli jungle book review


    The Book of Life (2014)

    Where: Xilitla, Mexico

    A romance triangle between two boys and a girl. And a wager, between the Gods of the land of the dead as we see in Coco. With many adventures, especially bull-fighting, in both the worlds, one of the boys wins the heart of Maria, the girl.

    In the usual love-triangle movie, the culture of Mexico is wittily described. The tradition, locally known as the Dia de Los Muertos) is celebrated on November the second. The land of the dead is divided into two sections- the land of the remembered and the land of the forgotten. The land of the remembered is ruled by the gracious La Muerte and is full of vibrant colors and sugar skulls and lots of marigolds. The land of the forgotten is led by the Xibalba. On this day, the living remembers the deceased by reciting funny and happy memories of life over their decorated graves. These pass on their memories to generations after generation keeping them alive for ages. Pan de Muerto or the bread of the dead is a sweet food eaten by the grave of the deceased. Marigold and sugar skull is the de-facto symbols of this day. Remember the petal from Coco? I saw this movie first and hence I understood the rituals in Coco totally.

     the book of life doibedouin the book of life review day of the dead

    Tad the Lost Explorer (2012), Tad the Lost Explorer and the Secret of King Midas (2017)

    Where: Machu Picchu, Peru. Granada, Spain and Cappadocia, Turkey.

    An aspiring archaeologist Tadeo Jones inadvertently be a part of discovering legends of the Andean civilization. On arrival to Peru, Tad groups with a local, Freddy, and Sara and travels to Machu Picchu. In the dense of the forests, they discover a hidden trail of an age-old Incan civilization. In the sequel, the duo reunites and set on a trail to find Midas’ treasure, assisted by Sarah’s assistant Tiffany and the Mummy from Peru. This quest leads them to Spain and Turkey.

    We get clear glimpses of the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu whisked in the setting rays of the Sun with the perfect score in the background. “That’s what makes it beautiful”. And the sighting of the Nazca geoglyphs as they flew over through Nazca Desert to the Sechura Desert. We get to see the Peruvian greens while they are drifted towards the hidden mythical world of Paititi.

    The sequel is more entertaining and more places get added to the list. A kidnapped Sara flies over the Grand Canyon to Spain while Tad and Tiffany fly in Eurostar to the same. The cityscape is nicely shown through a taxi-chase sequence through the paved streets. And finally, discover a part of Midas’ amulet underneath the Court of Lions at the famous Alhambra Palace in Granada. The transformation of the fountain into stairs to an underground hall is quite the recap of Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets. The whereabouts of the second piece of the amulet are in Cappadocia and we get to see the urban life pretty up-close. They look for the amulet in the cave shelters of the Monk’s Valley where the Fairy Chimneys are pertinently presented, with all the intricate details.


     tad the lost explorer doibedouin review tad the lost explorer and the secret of king mids review tad jones

    Rio (2011), Rio 2 (2014)

    Where: Rio de Janeiro, Amazon, Brazil

    Rio revolves around a Spix’s Macaw, Blu, cocooned in a domesticated life with Linda. It finds love in Jewel and makes a good family of them, in between a good spectacle of episodes. Thus comes the sequel where Blu with its family flies the skies of Amazon amidst the dramatic events of poacher-beating and habitat destroyers.

    As the name suggests, the movie is full of heedful vibrant scenes from Rio de Janeiro.  The film gives cameos of Ipanema and Christ the Redeemer. And the Rio Carnival, full of joy, and filled with the spontaneous moves of the feathery Samba dancers. You can’t help but shake a leg to the same. While in Rio 2, the scenes are extracted from the greens of Amazons.

     rio movie review doibedouin rio movie review doibedouin

    Up (2009)

    Where: Angel Falls, Venezuela.

    We all can relate to this movie. It literally points out all those unfulfilled bucket-listed places that we keep saving for. Sooner or later, we should always take upon the place lest it is too late.

    The film has exploration in its very theme. Young Carl and Ellie are connected by their aspiring explorer esprit and stays connected “till death do us part”. Or is it so? An elderly Carl flies off to the Paradise falls (resembling the Angel Falls) with a lot of adventure in the way. Russell, a like-minded kid joins him on his adventure. Traveling to his and Ellie’s dream place somehow reinvigorated life in him.


     up movie review doibedouin up movie review

    Madagascar Franchise (1: 2005, 2: 2008, 3: 2012)

    Where: 1: Madagascar, 2: Somewhere in African Mainland, 3: Rome and London, Europe

    Four friends, Marty, the zebra, Alex, the lion, Melman, the giraffe, and Gloria, the hippo decides to leave the domesticated world of New York zoo and escapes in search of the Wild. As a part of an unforeseen event, they hit the shores of Madagascar. While everybody fits in, Alex finds it difficult and succumbs to its primal carnivore instincts. In between the friendship winning over the predatory nature, we get a glimpse of the Wilds of Madagascar. While the sequel is a detour to Africa, where Alex meets his kind. The third installment of the franchise is the groups’ adventure in London and Rome, as they befriend and be a part of circus animals. In between their adventures, the movie fittingly cultivates the places that keep you cohering to the film.

     madagascar review madagascar review

    Brother Bear (2003)

    Where: Alaska

    A wonderful story set in the backgrounds of the Northern Lights. A must-see. The movie opens as three brothers get an amulet each, representing their respective spirit animals. In a course of survival rounds and avenging deaths with the bears, one of the brothers, Kenai, gets transformed into the spirit animal, a bear. In order to atone his deeds, Kenai sets out and makes friends with a bear cub, Koda. Subsequently, a brother like relationship nurtures between the two, only to recognize Kenai’s mistake. He was the one to hunt down Koda's mother. Soon after a confession and undoing, Kenai chooses to be a brother to Koda, for the rest of his life.

    Today the Alaskan region fascinates people around the world, more with its prospects to watch wildlife and auroras. Aurora Borealis, shimmering into drapes of mostly green hues. Enchanting is that this phenomenon is best witnessed in the polar nights of November to January. February and March, with their dark and clear extended evening skies, provide ideal viewing conditions with comparatively less frosty weather. Green northern lights are most common; red and blue are more subtle.

     brother bear review brother bear review

    Finding Nemo (2002)

    Where: Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Australia.

    Like every protective parent, Marlin, the clownfish rebukes Nemo, his son on exploring out in the open sea. They happen to home at the coral reef off the coast of Sydney. Abstained from the beauty of the blue waters, Nemo defies his father on his first day to school and gets captured by the scuba divers. Then begins the adventure in the father-son duo’s life. Separated from his father, Nemo makes friends in a contained aquarium while Marlin sets out to find Nemo.

    The story picks up on how a father overcomes his fear in order to salvage his child. In addition to it, it offers vibrant visuals of the Great Barrier Reef and Sydney all through the movie.

     finding nemo review finding nemo review


    Lilo and Stitch (2002)

    Where: Kauai, Hawaii.

    Ohana! And lots of Hawaiian cultures. Be it the Polynesian Hula, or the surfing off the coast of Hanapepe, this movie excelled in posturizing it. Lilo and her sister Nani stays in Kokaua, inspired by the real-life Hanapepe.

    Lilo is an outcast amongst her age-circle trying to fit in. Nani, her elder sister is trying hard to earn two square meals for her sister and herself. At this juncture, Stitch happens. The story revolves around how the eccentric alien Stitch and lilo’s so-called weirdness complement each other and becomes family. The concept of Ohana is flared through the beauties of the islands, this dance form, and a cute friendship.

     lilo and stitch hawaii review lilo and stitch hawaii review

    The Road to El-dorado (2000)

    Where: Archaeological Ruins of Tulum, Chichen Itza of Uxmal, Mexico

    El-dorado or the city of gold is a fictional place full of unearthly treasures. Many movies are based on it. However, animation adds an extra coin to your imagination. Two cons come across a map to the legendary city of gold. Followed by a sequence of events they land up in El-dorado.

    The movie is filled with comedic twists and turns. But notable is the representation of the cities which are apparently inspired by the ancient cities of Tulum, Chichen Itza of Uxmal, the real-life footprints of the Mayan civilizations. If you are a history buff this movie is sure to ring the bells for you.

     the road to el-dorado review doibbedouin road to el-dorado


    The Emperor’s New Groove (2000)

    Where: Machu Picchu, Peru.

    A comedic relief exists throughout the movie. And a llama. The film shows a unique friendship developing between a King turned llama, Kuzco, and Pacha, a common man. Both the name somewhat resembling the respective real-life places of Cusco and Picchu.

    The film is strewn with visuals of the Incan architecture, worth taking a look, at the palace’s facades of Kuzco. So slightly as to go unnoticed, the striking resemblance of Pacha’s mountain village to Machu Picchu.

     emperor's new groove review travel the emperor's new groove review doibedouin


    Special Mentions: Fictional Worlds yet Travel Prompts


    Onward (2020)

    Where: A fictional suburban area resembling the outskirts of New York city

    A fantasy world of mythical creatures where magic is forgotten by the advent of technology. Two brother elves embark on a quest to resurrect their late father for a single day.  On their journey, they bond together, fight over their differences, and reinstate the sweet brotherly relationship.

    Although a fantasy land, this movie is my latest favorite as it depicts the strengthening of bonds that travel could bring forth. I often find myself bonding with strangers or not so close acquaintances on my travel. And I am sure it is the same for everyone else. This is quite lovingly illustrated in this movie. The brothers find their long lost connection traveling their way to a hidden treasure. An onward journey is what calls for!


    The Good Dinosaur (2015)

    Where: Jackman Valley, Wyoming and Yellowstone, the Red Desert and Montana grasslands.

    The film storylines an alternate timeline of Earth, where the asteroid that was an ELE for the Dinosaurs, misses the Earth. And the dinosaurs remain to exist as anthropomorphic. The main dinosaur, Arlo, initiates as a timid one, finding it difficult to meet the family’s expectations. Everything turns topsy-turvy when he chooses to save a cave-boy, naming it Spot. Arlo and Spot bonds together in the course of time and protect each other.

    The film is mostly based on the development of an unusual friendship between a dinosaur and a kid. Depicting the eternal message that Nature is beautiful only when all its creation co-exist. Although a fictitious timeline, the landscapes, and valleys shown are inspired by the Jackman Valley, Wyoming and the amazing geysers and falls of Yellowstone, the Red Desert and Montana grasslands. As Arlo traveled through Nature’s compass, he evolves to be a “Good dinosaur”.

     good dinosaur review doibedouin good dinosaur review

    Atlantis (2001)

    Where: Inspired by Cambodia, Indian and Tibetan Temples.

    An adventurous journey into the mythical world of Atlantis believed to be submerged under the ocean by Milo and his explorer-scientists team. Traveling through the caves and volcanoes, they reach this world.

    Inspired from the work of Jules Verne, the filmmakers took a great deal in intricately depicting Atlantis. They drew inspiration from the New Mexico Carlsbad Caverns to depict the cave morphology under the ocean. Unlike the archetypal Greek architecture that is generally donned for the Atlantis, the architecture as depicted in the movie was a merge of Cambodian, Indian, and the Tibetan lot. 

    Now that you have your list, do let me know which one you like the most. Most of these are available on Netflix and Disney Hotstar. I prefer the latter though.

    Disclaimer: All opinions here are my own. And the real-life locations are downloaded from Google images to portray the clarity of the topic, used solely for the intention of emphasis.  

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    1. I watched some of these animated movies and they are really amazing! I'll look forward to watching those I haven't watched yet, thanks for sharing these with us!

    2. Wow!!! 21 movies. So 3 weeks sorted out.
      The list is awesome. Never really watched the movies viewing this from perspective. Even if I've watched this movie earlier, now I will watch it again from the travel perspective.

    3. These are the great movies to watch I love them all and I love pixar and disney movies nice choices!

    4. There are a few on this list we haven’t seen. My daughter will probably love them

    5. There are still a lot that I haven't seen but since vacation started my granddaughter will be over more so maybe more movies on the menu here too :)

    6. I never tired of watching the movie adaptation of the animated film, Aladdin. While it has a little twist to it, it still conveys the message of hope and getting up after a problem.

    7. I have seen over half of these movies. I loved the new Aladdin movie and Coco. I will be going over some of the ones I haven't seen with my kids this week. Thank you for putting this together!

    8. wow some of these movies are completely new for me and i will love to watch them too..i have watched a plenty of them..Indeed Thanks for sharing the info..

    9. Moana is my FAVORITE for wanderlust movie. Seriously if I could dive into it I would.

    10. Thank you!! I've been looking for a good list of movies to catch up on.

    11. Now I have an awesome lst of movies to watch for the weekend.

    12. I've seen all these with the exception of ”Up”. I would totally recommend them all. All great selections.

    13. This post made me so nostalgic! And I so going to go back to watching animated movies - RIGHT NOW! Thanks:)

    14. These are great selections, we've watched almost all from this list and I will definitely check out on the others

    15. This is perfect! My nephews are under lockdown and I'm sure they would enjoy watching these on Netflix to pass the time.

    16. I have seen a few of these movies! No joke, I almost pulled the trigger on booking a trip to Fiji after watching Moana. One day we will actually make it there!

    17. Wow I'm behind with my animation watching :) I've only seen Jungle Book, Lion King, Finding Nemo and Madagascar from your list. What a great idea for some travel inspo, I'll have to start with Missing Link as my India trip was cancelled this year.

    18. It appears we have very similar taste in movies. I have seen many of these but there's a few new ones in there for me. I shall save them for later viewing. Actually, it was watching Madagascar that has inspired next year's adventure :)

    19. What a fun idea- and one that my kids would certainly love to do! Moana always makes me want to pack up and enjoy island life for awhile. Could be that's why it's one of my go-to choices!

    20. So many great movies to help deal with wanderlust. However, there are quite a few I haven’t seen. I’m thinking I need to check some of them out. I’m actually on my way to Alaska right now for the summer. Brother Bear might have yo be first.

    21. We love animated movies, because they appeal to the child within each one of us and bring nostalgic memories of comics. Many of our favourite movies are here, and nice to see that you have related each one of them to travel destinations. All time favourites are Jungle Book and Lion King. We would love to watch Atlantis.

    22. I have been looking for these list so we can watch with my son. I am just so glad to get this list from you. I am super happy.


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