How To Plan A Trip To Europe: The First Step To Backpacking Europe

Traveling abroad can be a task. We are about to visit a completely different country with its own rules and regulations. The fear of the unknown, combined with our laziness, often lures us to visit the office of a tour operator, pay them a considerable amount of money, and hope for a hassle-free trip. 

    How to plan a trip to Europe from India doibedouin
    Roman forum and somewhere from here Marc Antony delivered his famous speech

    Why Planning is Necessary?

    Many of my friends are quite enthusiastic about discovering new places with an operator, but I prefer to plan my own journey from scratch. This gives me a sense of freedom and also gives me an opportunity to make my trip comfortable. while planning a trip of your own, you have the luxury of choosing your own accommodation, indulge in local cuisines and visit tourist spots with an ample amount of time in hand. I had traveled only once with a tour operator and my experience had been anything but pleasant. 

    Recently, there is also news of a famous international tour operator closing its business in India. This has led to the cancellation of several pre-booked tours and the tourists are waiting for the refund of the money. This incident has made me more determined in planning and managing your own itinerary. Trust me, it is always better! 

    Before the internet became cheap in India, courtesy Jio, planning a tip involved buying a travel guide, dusting off the railway time table, standing in the queue to book train tickets and contacting hotels recommended by our friends and relatives. However, now that internet is so easily accessible to all and sundry, there is an ocean of information to help in planning a trip.

    However, when I was planning a trip to Europe, I found that swimming through the ocean of information can be pretty challenging. This blog is to help my fellow travelers to plan an itinerary to Europe on their own. If you have a valid passport, you are at liberty to attempt a trip to Europe. 

    Europe Trip- The Basic Considerations

    The basic considerations for a Europe trip are-
    (a)   The duration of the trip
    (b)   The budget
    (c)   The destinations

    These three considerations are again dependent on each other. Let us briefly look at each of them.

    The Duration of the Trip

    The duration of the trip would be strictly according to the absence you can afford from your job or business, but anything less than 2 weeks will not do justice to your trip.

    However, we must keep in mind that the more you travel, your budget shall shoot up. Again, if you want to experience local cuisines and ambiance of the city, a mere visit to attractions won’t suffice. In other words, to know a place better, you need to spend more time there.

    My suggestion is to keep at least two weeks in hand and then fit in your destinations in Europe. Ensure that you get proper rest and don’t try to fit in everything, no matter how lucrative the idea might seem.  

    The Budget

    This is where I have to break it to you, the bitter truth, my fellow travelers. Europe is expensive if you are traveling from India.

    Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Europe, ensure to have a handsome budget, the more the better. I shall share with you a few important tricks to reduce your expenditure but those tricks are strictly for people who plan to go for a backpacking trip. If you are traveling with your family, it is obvious that you shall be looking for comfort and needless to mention, this comfort comes at a price. 

    The budget also depends on the destinations you have chosen, which brings us to the following section.

    The Destinations

    A rough sketch of the European countries of major interests is as under.

    So there's your flowchart to plan a Euro trip out effectively.
    So there's your flowchart to plan a Euro-trip out effectively. In the map above, red is the most expensive, green is relatively cheaper, and orange being somewhere in between.

    One trend that I observed while researching the cost of living of the European countries is that the more you go south, the cheaper it becomes. Similarly, western European countries are more expensive than their eastern counterparts. 

    My suggestion is to go for a healthy mix of cheaper and expensive destinations to control your budget. Secondly, you need to ask yourself as to what and where you really want to visit during the trip?

    When I was contemplating my destinations, I asked myself as to what really made me interested in Europe? I traced my curiosity back to the history lessons in my school when o was reading about the Renaissance in Europe. Similarly, during my college days when I was watching movies like "Angels and Demons" or "Inception", "Da Vinci Code", etc. I often wished to visit those wonderful movie locations in the future. Thus I chose Rome and Vatican City as a primary destination. 

    How effectively the Nautilus shell structure merged in the architecture! how to plan a trip to Europe
    How effectively the Nautilus shell structure merged in the architecture!

    This was followed by choosing Paris as I really wanted to see “The Monalisa” and the “Bir-Hakeim Bridge”. My friend lives in Berlin and thus it became another destination. I had then planned my itinerary. I observed that I can fit in another location as few days were left in my plan of two weeks. I chose the final destination to be Venice because of my love for “Assassins’ Creed” and felt it would add the necessary variety in the trip. 

    The view from the Paris Bridge
    The view from the Paris Bridge

    Best Season to Visit Europe

    Choosing the right season to visit Europe is essential. Summer is the best season but it is also the season when the cost of travel and accommodation is very high. Winters in Europe are not ideal for travel, but they have a charm of their own.

    Keeping these three basic considerations in mind let us further plan our trip. 

    How To Plan A Trip To Europe: The First Step To Backpacking Europe@doibedouin
    How To Plan A Trip To Europe: The First Step To Backpacking Europe @doibedouin

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