A Quick Guide to Manoharpur- Getway to a Unique World of Nature

Oftentimes, our wanderlust searches for places where we can get detached from the world, for a day or so. And the most reckoned way-outs are, no doubt, Nature getaways.  Jharkhand is one such realm, where nature is raw and abundant. In the uplands and woods, Nature seems to have bracketed her ancestry here in an exotic way. Besides the famous mines, Jharkhand also boasts of Saranda Forest. It is Asia's largest Sal Forest, and home to the endangered flying lizard. And Manoharpur is the gateway to Saranda (another entrance being Barbil). Even so, Manoharpur is more easy on the eyes, as it witnesses the confluence of rivers Koel, Karo, and Koyena. Away from the usual routes, Manoharpur of West Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, is a hidden gem surely a catch for the Nature lovers. 

manoharpur @doibedouin
The falls are not that flowy but never fail to add to the charm of the place.


    To escape our daily blues, we headed out to experience the Jharkhand blues at our own pace.


    How to Reach Manoharpur

    Manoharpur in the state of Jharkhand, is well connected by trains on the Howrah- Rourkela route of the Indian Railways.  And it is a six hours journey from Howrah Junction. So here is another offbeat weekend destination from West Bengal! The most convenient timing is that of the “Ispat” express- from Howrah in the morning. That ensures reaching Manoharpur before noon. 

    Where to Stay at Manoharpur: Santoor Guest House

    The Jharkhand Tourism is entertained by a sole resort at Manoharpur welcoming the guests. Santoor Guest House offers a comfy home-like environment amidst very well maintained and well-manicured lawns. The stay in itself is a wonderful experience. The homely warmth of the hosts will definitely make an impression on anyone staying at the guest house. The pleasing countryside in and around approves the therapeutic break you were so looking for. 

    It has a number of cottages that can be very easily booked, either over the phone or website. The guest house is at a stone's throw distance from the station; hence reaching the same is without any hassles whatsoever. 

    If you are entering through Barbil, one may stay at the Saranda Safari Resort.

    Santoor guest house @doibedouin
    No matter how good they are though, I would vote for Santoor Guest House.


    The guest house arranges a pick-up facility from the station. And there's the advantage! Also, it will provide SUVs for traveling and safari. Small cars are not quite the best option for a safari ride. They cannot move at some places and SUV is a must. For the trip a group of six is ideal. That being the optimized number for a safari (in SUV) would cut down your expenses.

    What to See?

    Saranda Forest

    Saranda, Asia's best Sal forests and Jharkhand's pride, is the home to the endangered Flying Lizard. The forest is rich in flora and fauna. It is known for its majestic Sal trees. It is also a golden catch for wild-life lovers. 

    The Confluence of the Rivers

    Manoharpur is located at the confluence of Koyel and Koyena River. One can visit the confluence during sunset and enjoy the beauty of nature at the banks of the rivers.

    manoharpur @doibedouin
    How often do you get to see such a terra firma in a candid way?

    Sameej Ashram

    This Ashram of Sankaracharya is located at the confluence of Koel and Karo. The quietude of this place is sure to be a magnet for the nature enthusiast.

    The Bolani Iron Mines

    One of the largest and oldest iron mines of Jharkhand and the only means of living to scores of locals is about 30 km from the guest house. It is huge and excavates tones of iron ore every day.  A word of caution here, people with breathing issues might want to avoid visiting this place. We had a red tint on our clothes and shoes, as we left. 

    manoharpur @ doibedouin
    One of the oldest mines of Jharkhand.

    Jhingri Falls

    The water falls over a rocky plateau from creeks and flows downstream. The waterfall is completely out of sight from the foothills and one has to climb up to a raised area to get a view. So if you are up for a hike, this is your take to rough it up. Trek to the falls, a nature walk through the jungle and its sounds. And if you are lucky enough, you can also jolt at the spectrum of rainbow colors here, as the light often gets diffracted by the mist at the falls. 

    manoharpur @doibedouin
    We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of the rainbow. Can you spot it? Enough is as good as a feast here. Feel the adventure in hiking through the mists of the jungle to reach the falls.

    Pacheri falls

    A kilometer walks from the spot the car can most take us. Through the flat hills, the road takes you to the falls. This place is the dwelling of kinds of butterflies. This is where butterflies and gaiety join hands and jingles. This fall is higher and approachable. The rocks bear the footprints of the ecological accord in their own candid way. The natural step-like structure of the rocks makes climbing easy; many tourists prefer taking a bath here. 

    manoharpur @doibedouin
    manoharpur blog @doibedouin
    The abode of the butterflies.

    Kiriburu and Meghahatuburu Mountain Sunset Point

    As the name indicates the locals call it the land of 700 hills. The sunset point is at the SAIL township area and is a popular place for couples. The township has its own bus service which runs weekly from Kolkata.

    Karo River Bed

    Karo runs through the valley and appears to be garlanding the surrounding hills and hillocks. Sometimes elephant herds run around during the season of harvest, from the adjacent jungles.

    manoharpur @doibedouin
    This is where the raw beauty of Nature is personified!


    An interesting experience I would like to share here. The locals collect gold particles here by filtering sand from the river bed and sell them at a very low price in the local markets. Sometimes they earn 250-300 bucks per day.  These people are mainly local tribes. There are some days that they get nothing at all and this is their only source of income.


    Local Church

    A protestant church stands on a hillock, not very far from the guest house.  Locals gather around here every Sunday morning for prayers. Interestingly, it is also the assembling place for the local Panchayat for the weekly announcements. The view of the railway lines from the elevation of the hillock is a must-see in the early morning. 

    manoharpur @doibedouin
    manoharpur blog @doibedouin
    The local church

    Tribal villages

    Though Nature is in bounty here, the villagers try hard to get two square meals a day. The land being very barren, the tribal of this region has to plow the sands to earn the minimum wage. Humble huts, crop fields, small shops are common.

    What to Eat?

    Santoor guest house offers a full package of food, lodging, and site-seeing and so there is not much to plan about. From morning tea to dinner, everything is taken care of. And they leave you satisfied with every dish and delicacies. I would settle any day for their food than binging anywhere else.

    Your Weekend Itinerary to Manoharpur: From My Experience

    Day 1:

    Our trip from Dankuni to Manoharpur was an amazing experience. We took a cab to Howrah Station and boarded Ispat Express to reach Manoharpur at noon. We were received at the platform itself by Santoor guest house. We had our lunch and headed towards Sameej Asram in the late afternoon and later to the confluence of Koel and Karo River. It was a beautiful sight where the river bed is encircled by Chotanagpur hills all along its path.

    Day 2:

    We went to the Bolani mines, as arranged by the guest house along with a guide. On our way, there was a temple that had drums (Chota and Bara Nagara) instead of an idol. Locals offer prayers to the Nagaras and some of them also claim it to be a Buddhist temple. We reached Bolani to find the largest iron mine of the region. Manoharpur also sees the union of industry and the untapped beauty of nature.

    We reached the Jhingri falls to find a distinct rainbow waiting for us. The short hike was, by all means, exciting.  We had our lunch in the forest, by the waterfalls. The Bengali word "Bon Bhojon" is the perfect term to explain the fun. And we made sure that we did not ruin the natural balance here by littering it. The drive back of 40km added to the thrill and excitement. The seat next to the driver is highly recommended! Do not forget to do the time-lapse on the go.

    Day 3:

    Day three started with a trip to Pacheri falls and SAIL township sunset point. To reach Pacheri falls, we strolled for around twenty minutes across the forest. The stream accompanied us all through our path. The flow leads to the falls and I must say it is worth visiting. The SAIL Township is well planned and kept very clean. The sunset point is a primary tourist attraction and is well decorated and maintained. Seasonal flowers are reared which adds to the beauty.

    Day 4:

    There are so many points where Koel, Koyena and Karo river beds can be explored. At one such place, volcanic rocks can be found. Located by an extinct volcano, the Koel River eventually cooled off the once erupted out lava. The lava turned rocks resemble fossil fishes in a peculiar formation. I was amazed by the calmness of the place. The only sound that resonated was of the flowing river, tracking its way down the rocks. Life in this part of the globe is serenity personified. It was truly an out of the world experience- a nook unstained by folk and time.

    So, Why Visit Mahoharpur?

    Early morning walks through the village is bliss here with titillating beauty of hills and rivers. Previously a Maoist area but no such disturbance has been noted for the last 10 years. Local schools colleges and government offices have developed since then. Manoharpur is a combination of wilderness and development. Here you come across histories in the form of inscribed rocks dating back to the era of Mughals. The tribe considers the rock to be lucky and is kept at the leader's abode. You get to tell the tale of an isolated place where tigers are treated and nursed.  Known as "Bagh Guha", a small cave provides the natural condition where tigers can breed or rest when injured.

    The hospitality of Mrs Manjusha Ganguly of Santoor guest house was a cherry on the cake. It’s not a place for shopping; one will hardly get anything to buy. So shopping is off the checklist. But one can obviously enjoy the delicious jalebis and Gulab Jamun of the area. The evening adda session at Santoor guest house along with hot pakodas (served by the guest house) is another enjoyable mention. It was a compact tour of 4 days with so much to take back, refreshed and energized until the next outing.

    So, the next time you want to take a break and lose yourself in the mystical landscape of Nature, think of Manoharpur. The place will surely not make you disappointed. It would provide all the wholesome and fulsome refreshment for the body and the soul alike. 

    Pocket Pinch

    Rs 1800/- per head per day which includes stay and food
    SUV (6 seaters) - Rs 2500/- to 3000/- per day (2 days)
    Train fare- Howrah to Manoharpur 300/- per head.

    manoharpur blog @doibedouin

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