A Complete Travel Guide to Mandarmani. Here's Every Details You Should Know Before You Visit, Lest You Are in Kolkata.

If you want to get a break away from the ordinary, away from the city chaos and commotion, then you have chosen rightfully to come here. Mandarmani is yet-to-be-mapped as a distinguished destination on the oceanfront of West Bengal, India. This not-so-crowded coastal front has now evolved, with the potential to be enlisted as a stand-alone retreat. 

The sea here can sometimes be calm, even tumultuous some other time. But it would never disappoint you. Being couple-friendly, it is also a favorite haunt for the romancing Bengalis looking for a quick weekend holiday package.  Besides offering the much-needed privacy and seclusion in the tranquil environment of sand and water, the place also offers multiple thrilling water activities. 


    Compelling enough as an escape to peacefulness, with jet-skiing as a complementary add-on through the shimmering water of the sea, and shuffling through the sea-foods overindulgent boozes, Mandarmani has a lot more to offer than to just soak you up in the beach sun. A quaint and serene resort village by the side of the sea with the rippling waters of Bay of Bengal kissing the shores, Mandarmani is yet another untainted beach getaway, evoking a cocktail of emotions, apt for an adventure-filled holiday package.


    sunset at mandarmani @doibedouin
    The sunset and the sea kissing the sea beach into white foams is enough to mesmerize you at the very first instant you set foot in this motorable beach.

    Getting There: How to Reach Mandarmani

    More often than not, narrowing down on a travel destination is driven mainly by the transportation connections available. While we searched for the best possible way to reach Mandarmani for a budgeted trip, it was the railways. Nonetheless one could opt for a reserved cab too. 

    The nearest airport to Mandarmani is the Kolkata International Airport (CCU), which is then connected through either rails or roads. One can also opt for a bus ride from Esplanade, Kolkata; one might check the availability here. The best way (and my personal choice as well) is by train. One can board any train to Digha, West Bengal and debark at Kanthi (some say Contai) and therefrom hire an auto to Mandarmani, with the fare varying from INR400 to INR500. Get the list of the trains here.

    how to reach mandarmani @doibedouin
    mandarmani blog @doibedouin
    It is said that the journey is sweeter than the destination and indeed it is!  The rail-side views, greener all the way.


    So whenever you plan to visit Kolkata, do plan a detour to this beach retreat for a day or two.


    Mandarmani Resorts: Where to Stay

    Travelers are born aesthetes, be it chic or on a budget. In either case, when it comes to the stays, the options don't have to be tacky to dull the wanderlust.  Mandarmani has an array of seaside resorts meeting the exact needs of this esprit.

    If you want to spend the weekend looking for royalty, undoubtedly opt for sea facing boutique resorts like the Sun City, the Sana Beach Resort, Bomnay Beach Resort or the Candlewood Park Beach Resort; one may stay at the Massara Beach Resort for a budget stay for both Mandarmani and Tajpur; nearing the marketplace the best hotels are Priya Jeet resort and Oyo Liv valley.


    Pro Tip: Opt to stay in hotels and resorts near the market so as to plunge into the evening beauty of the place. We stayed at the Priya Jeet resort and our two-day stay was peppered with many a delight- devouring the Bengali cuisine, panoramic sunset, shop-hopping for conch shell jewelry and artifacts, slaying late nights over songs, in a successful attempt, to capture the irresistible romance of the sea.


    mandarmani beach @doibedouin
    mandarmani hotels and resorts @doibedouin
    Never lose a moment to feel the water and breathe in the muffling sea air.

    Food Trailing through Mandarmani: What to Eat

    While you are fancying the sea, can the sea-food less entice your taste buds? Mandarmani does not fail to surprise its visitors with an appetizing array of seafood delicacies besides the customary native staple dishes. The seaside is dotted with temporary bamboo stalls that serve delectably cooked crustaceans, namely crabs, shrimp, and lobsters. You may choose to indulge in the seaside curries either in the sheds itself or have a homely intake in the resorts.

    Foods available at mandarmani sea beach @doibedouin
    food variety at the mandarmani tour @doibedouin
    The staple foods of Bengal- Veg Thali and Luchi and curry.

    I have the first of many epiphanies about my food desires right here. I am into shrimps and lobsters since my childhood, so I wanted to have a go at the crabs only to realize that this is one of those foods that you literally need to sink in to smack and relish, over hours of the treat. And then it occurred to me, if I need to ingest the tangy crab meat then I need to let go of all the preconceived notions of food trailing. Breaking into the shells and nibbling on the juicy crab pulp is just the right kind of dish for tantalizing the palates.

    red crab meat at mandarmani beach @doibedouin
    Breaking into the shells and nibbling on the juicy crab pulp is just the right kind of dish for tantalizing the palates.

    The Food Havens: Where to Eat

    Many seaside eateries are available by the sea. One might try the Biswa Bangla restaurant commanding a view of the sea. In the market area, street food stalls are also put in, while some hawkers pushed their little hand carts by the sea. Food stallholders are quite conscious about the nondisposal of plates into the sea, and abiding by the rules is a must here.

    Other restaurants include Tara Ma Hotel, a seaside shack in front of OYO Liv Valley with fresh dishes. Hotel Sindhukanya is a budgeted vegan restaurant offering Bengali cuisines, located centrally near the market area. Sana Beach Resort has its own popular (luxury) multi-cuisine restaurant, Shrimp Cocktail. One would find Indian, Chinese and continental food here. The Sana Beach also holds Sourav- the café, which besides serving the food, also has a soothing ambiance in addition to the breathtaking view of the sea.

    Get Your Essentials: What to Pack

    Since it is a beach retreat, pack your beach essentials.
    • The sunscreen is a must as your skin is going to get marinated in the beach sun.
    • A flip flop for your beach trails.
    • Camera, and why not? You are bound to keep the picturesque memories.
    • Sunglasses, unless you want to buy a cheap one there itself.
    • All other Instagram worthy accessories.
    Don't forget to get your own flip-flops.
    Don't forget to get your own flip-flops.

    Sow the Pros of Being by the Sea: What to Do in Mandarmani

    The best way to engage in here is to have a relaxed stroll on the beach itself. 

    Start off your day by strolling by the sea with this gorgeous view.
    Start off your day by strolling by the sea with this gorgeous view.

    Or be seated in the Biswa Bangla market area to witness the beauty and grace of the kaleidoscopic sea in the light of the setting sun. Even a moonlit night would tempt you equally, to do nothing and just sit there, sipping your drink, looking at the waves rising up and breaking on the shores in foams, you won’t be jaded.

    night view of mandarmani sea beach
    night view at mandamani sea beach @doibedouin
    The iridescent moon rays bouncing off the water is a breathtaking spectacle in itself. When the beachside is lit up, it is intriguing and worth every penny.


     Our resort, given its location, allowed for just the perfect setting in the evening, turning it into a unique tailored experience. As the high tide swept in, the waves thrashed on the resort’s retaining wall. Seated on the edge of the sea-wall, with our feet half hanging, the waves caressed them gently. Feasting on crabs and prawns and pomfrets over sup of bevvies, we spoiled ourselves over and over again. This was fostered by songs over strings, with flourishing pitches punctuated rightly by the sounds of the waves.


    When you feel down, then revitalize yourself with #vitaminsea #seabeach #india
    When you feel down, then revitalize yourself with #vitaminsea

    If you are the sporty one, Mandarmani will not fail you. Provided the sea is calm though, a number of water sports really get your adrenaline going here. Jet-skiing, banana boating, and rafting are available in the market area. Brave the adventurous spree to fly in the air while parasailing here, although I hadn’t had the chance to do the same.

    jet ski at mandarmani beach
    It was a first time experience for me, going further into the sea, nearing the horizon but never really touching it. And yes I got all the eyes on me.

    Banana ride at mandarmani beach
    bichitrapur. doibedouin
    Jet-ski would cost INR600 for a 15km round ride in the waters. Rafting would cost you INR500 for two people and the Banana ride would cost INR400.

    Or else, let your shopping fling run wild, and get conch shell or trendy bags as souvenirs for the loved ones back at home. 

    souvenirs of mandamani, conch shell jewelries

    toys at mandarmani shops
    cashew, mandarmani
    Shopping is so exhausting, all those decisions!!!

    Nearby Places to Visit

    Along the shoreline, a number of beaches are hotspots for visiting- Tajpur, Digha and Shankarpur, Udaypur, Talsari, and Bichitrapur.

    Have you visited yet? Do share your stories, I would love to read about them.

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    bichitrapur. doibedouin
    bichitrapur. doibedouin

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