6 Reasons Why You Should be Participating in a Travel Blogger's Club 7-Day Challenge

Last time I participated in a Blogger’s challenge, I was a newbie with less knowledge about blogging and even lesser knowledge about SEO. Nevertheless, after an almost three-quarter of a year into blogging, today, I know how to work on and keep the blog going. All thanks to the previous (14 days) challenge of the Travel Bloggers Club, I got insights into domain authority, Moz rank, and Alexa and the overall improvement of SEO.

    What is a Blog Challenge?

    Well, to put it in simple words, it is a competition, not the usual though. It is not a contest, all rules are flexible but it does make sure that each a day a post is scheduled from your dashboard, thus improving your page authority. The members participating from different corners of the world share each other’s posts on different aggregator platforms (most efficient being Pinterest and Mix), thereby reaching a greater audience worldwide; as a result, your global Alexa rank reduces. Besides, each of the participating members gets the opportunity of interacting with respective blogging niche (travel in this case) and hence prospects of exchanging links are wider. And we are all aware of how effective the backlinks are for increasing the domain authority, subsequently enhancing the Moz rank. Now that you are seeing the latent compensations the challenge offers, you would definitely acknowledge the advantages of participating in the same.

    The testimonials to the previous Blog Challenge can be found here.

    Besides DoiBedouin, the other participating contributors of the challenge are-

    1.      Challenge Organizer Digital Travel Guru
    2.      The Travel Bunny
    3.      With Caitlyn
    4.      Namaste Solo Travel
    5.      Career Gappers
    6.      Sippingypsy
    8.      A World In Reach
    9.      Nina Out And About
    12.    Why Not Ju?

    Blog Challenge improved my Blog @doibedouin

    How Participating in the Previous Blog Challenge improved my Blog

    Realizing the importance of DA, PA and a third party domain

    Last time I participated, I was still adhering to the BlogSpot sub-domain. I was then four months old into blogging and came across the term domain and page authority by interacting with the participating members. I continuously checked my Moz rank after then. In a duration of 14 days it saw a whooping leap from 0.7 to 2.5. The domain authority at the end of September was 18, which is pretty good for a newcomer. A fellow member (from Backpacking Series) clarified my queries regarding domain authority. Realizing that buying a domain would be like starting from scratch, I decided to go for a domain before the DA touched 20. A little careful redirection to the third-party domain abetted and maintained the traffic.  It took me three months to catch up on the last rank.

    It got me several important backlinks

    I got several important backlinks which aided, rather made possible, the aforementioned whooping increase in DA; the opportunity of getting featured in the interview series in Unakriti (formerly Backpacking Series).

    In understanding the influences of sharing on Social Aggregators

    Before the September challenge happened, I only knew three social media- namely Facebook, Twitter , and Instagram. The challenge showed me the importance of Medium, Pinterest and Mix(erstwhile Stumbleupon) in bringing traffic to your blog. Pinterest can be a huge aid to your Instagram too. Out of interest, I also got to know of other specific blog sharing platforms like Bloglovin, Indibloghub, etc.

    Came across new tools

    Newcomers like us are unknown to terms like canonical links, Google penalty or even sites like ahrefs are unknown to us. I came across all these terms by interacting with the members participating in the previous challenge. A little self-study did the rest.

    Inspired me in evolving my blog

    When you go through other blogs and see how they are represented so efficiently, you automatically learn from them. I learned a great deal from the last challenge and am still learning as I chose to participate in the ongoing challenge.

    Came to realize the importance of handy apps in blogging

    A wide range of apps are available for the betterment of your blog and images play a very important role in travel blogging. A very useful tool for image preparation is Canva, helps a lot with Pinterest images. Buffer is another noteworthy app for scheduling your posts. Quora and Reddit are platforms where you could literally get ideas about your topics. 

    So that being said, this challenge is a must for bloggers aiming for a complete development package.

    Travel Blogging sometimes can be perceived as a very unsocial activity, so when it's a communication with other bloggers daily with nothing but benefitting each other in every aspect, it is indeed a boon. Be it virtually visiting a country you have never been to or experiencing a local’s perspective in words, you come across new and fresh destination guides each day. Attempting a challenge such as this is thus a therapeutic revival of your blog. 

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    6 Reasons Why You Should be Participating in a Travel Blogger's Club 7-Day Challenge

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    1. Thank you for putting my name in there! I agree about BlogLovin; I was surprised with how much traffic I got when I left a comment on a post that had BlogLovin. This is my first blog challenge, let's see how it shapes out for me. :)

    2. Thanks for tagging me! I did not know you can learn so much from a challenge like this! Guess I have to get ready to learn something!

    3. A great start to the challenge! Very much looking forward to taking part with you, I did the last one as well and it's such a great motivation.

    4. I'm so excited to participate in this challenge with you! This is my first time doing one and I can't wait – I could definitely use the motivation!

    5. I have read this post a few times now. You have such a great way of explaining how to build authority through our networking as travel bloggers! Great post, I love your site and am looking forward to reading more about your travels! Cheers!

    6. It is so wonderful connecting with other bloggers. I always learn something new that is helpful for growing my blog.

    7. So excited to be a part of this challenge with so many amazing bloggers!!! Looking forward to an awesome week!

    8. Great post! It's a really good kick off to our challenge. I'm excited to keep up with all of you great bloggers <3

    9. So happy to be doing this challenge with you! I was so surprised when I visited your About page and learned that part of the DoiBedouin name was Romanian. I never would have thought that someone who wasn't Romanian would ever use a word from out language! :D

    10. I love this blogpost! And your reasonings to realising the importance of DA! I havent used medium and mix, but maybe I should look into it:) Excited for the next couple of days of this challenge:)

    11. Thank you for participating in our challenge, and for sharing past feedback and your insights. Also huge thanks for adding our links. Also great tips shared in your post. Good luck with the challenge.

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