Never to Worry About Protecting Your Home While Away for Travel, #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution

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A vacation is often stalled by the cognizant mind when the heart loses to the brain, against keeping the house “Home Alone”; or, albeit on the retreat, the individual remains relentlessly anxious about the security back at home. Despite our wandering binge, our home is the supreme sanctuary that we must return to; safeguarding our very own Sanctum Sanctorum at any cost is thus an indispensable objective. Well, with the advent of smart technologies, this stress could be cut down to a trifle, courtesy the IoT (Internet of Things) paving the way for #SmartHomeRevolution. 

    #GetFitWithFlipkart #SmartHomeRevolution
    Worried about your home's safety during your vacation?  #GetFitWithFlipkart with no stress with the #SmartHomeRevolution 

    How About an "Ok Google"?

    A few handy imperatives and “OK Google” can do wonders to keep you on a not-so-fretful go. SmartHome Revolution embraces the latest IoT technology in home automation providing security as well, besides the usual comfort and convenience that technology boons us with. Thus a vacation is fun, the fear of losing our treasured belongings back at home disappearing, with the help of smart home apps on smartphones or other networked devices.

    Acquiring the whole set of automation would be high-priced but setting up sequentially is recommended. It would be better to start with the door lock and the cameras. As they are the primary safety devices. And while on vacation the Google Home and Assistant icon is to be used more than the Facebook icon, lest all your efforts would go in vain. No location tag on social media.

    With a smartphone and a Google assistant answering to our every-now-and-then whimsical errands, it is time to meet the new Genie, the Google Home App. Google’s procurement of the Nest for $3.2 billion, home automation is seeing new peaks with the passing of each day. So the Nest products are now compatible with Google Home App, however, keeping in mind the smart products available in India, the simple products offered by Flipkart Automation Store, could make our “away from home” an upbeat affair.

    Usage of smart products have changed the way the world works. In India, upto 40% of Smart Watches and Assistants are sold through Flipkart. With the Fit India Movement, Flipkart dreams of a day that every Indian tracks their fitness through Smart Watches, and with #SmartHomeRevolution, Flipkart envisions a day when every home uses Smart Home solutions to simplify mundane tasks with a click. [Courtesy: IndiBlogger

    A quick look through the Smart Home appliances compatible with Google Home can be found here, also click to see the Google Home Hub of Nest products here

    Google Home
    Google Home

    Buying a smart assistant for everyday voice control is the most appreciated and claimed service of Google Home. 
    For people on a budget, the Google Home Mini is a better option. 

    Google Home Mini
    Google Home Mini

    However, when it comes to remote control, a lot more control is achievable with Google Home via a Hub; thus a successful remote-controlled Smart Home is backed by the integration of the Smart devices. For example, linking up of 
    TP-Link devices or D-link devices to Google home follows some easy steps. Once connected, it is a child's play for all.

    Controlling Home Security: Smart Door locks

    A smart door lock lets you lock and unlock your door remotely from the smartphone; sometimes temporary access is also possible with expiring codes. The following are the smartest. 

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Yale YDM4109
    Yale YDM4109 Smart Door Lock with break-in/damage alarm, voice guide feature, automatic locking, mortise lock type, one-touch fingerprint verification method (progressive scan) and there's also the more budget-friendly version Yale YDME50 Smart Door Lock.
    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Yale YDME50

     is another effective product, however compatible with Apple Home Kit. 

    Controlling Home Security:  Smart Monitoring Camera

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    TP-Link Home Security Camera
    The Smart Cameras could be the best defense choices against burglary, with motion sensors. One should opt for TP-Link-home-security-camera which meets the home and office surveillance needs as it offers Pan/Tilt of up to 300/110 degrees to let you watch over a wider area. 
    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Yi Black 720p HD Security Camera
    YI Black 720p HD Home Security Camera is another option for the smart camera, however, it comes with its own app for receiving the feed. 

    Extra precaution could be taken by putting stickers saying “The area is under Surveillance”. 
    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Get this here.

    Since Nest is now merged with Google Home, one could also try Nest Cam Indoor and Nest Cam IQ outdoor.

    Controlling Home Security: Video Door Phones and Bells

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Active Pixel WiFi Smart Wireless Video Doorbell
    An advanced form of a security camera is video door bells wherein the homeowner could watch and talk with the person outside the door. Flipkart offers a wide range of products, however Active Pixel offers a budgeted solution with effective competence. Active Pixel is a WiFi-enabled smart wireless video doorbell with door lock/unlock function supporting infra-red night vision; it has motion detection with phone alerts so that you can stay connected with your home and protect your home from anywhere.

    Another considerable option that is compatible with Google Home is 
    Nest Hello.

    Smart Lighting

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    Philips Hue Mini Starter Kit 
    The lighting up of a room or the house could ensure that the same is not empty and could deter the intruders. This is possible with just a snap of a finger, well literally it’s a tap of a finger. The Philips Hue delivers bulbs that let you control not only the intensity of the light but also the color and hence the ambiance of the room. Also, the TP-Links are good choices.

    Smart Plug

    Power surges could no longer affect your state of mind when on a vacation. If mistakenly the geyser remains on, it could be checked and turned off from the airport itself. They let you effortlessly control the appliances from the smart phone while providing the third-party smart home integration. TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug and TP-Link HS200 Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch are the best choices and compatible with Google Assistant too.

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug

    With these techs defending your home against potential intruders, you get the peace of mind while traveling, helping you relax during your vacation, as it did to mine.

    #HomeAloneHome #Fortress #innerpeace

    Now that you have fortified your home and eliminated the stress being anxious about your abode's security, carry a Xiaomi MI Band 3 to keep you fit while traveling and to check your calorie burn, foot steps and Pulse rate while you are en route to your dream destinations.

    #GetFitWithFlipkart by Using the Smart Strategies of #SmartHomeRevolution
    MI Band 3 features

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