A Traveler's Guide to Interpreting Life by Exploring Geography


"So... What is your favorite subject?" ... "Geography," said the little girl timidly, going on her first school expedition... "Why?”... "Because it connects me to the Earth and my own self", answered a future wanderer somewhere.


Traveling is so coherently related to the geography of the place. Be it the azure blue skies convening to the greens at the horizon, the yellow dunes of the desert or the ultramarine of the sea, these breathtaking beauty of the cosmos bespoke the underlying music of life, which connects us all since time immemorial. Exploring places are explicit indoctrination by the geographical features and the cultural anthropology and is so much more fun than the usual classroom. The geographical features of Earth subtly school us the very rudiments of life.

    A Traveler's Guide to Interpreting Life by Exploring Geography Doibedouin
    A valley could be as beautiful as the mountain itself.

    Mountains are the best. If the only thing that is constant in life is change; then here it is where this law is defied.

    Mountains calling @DoiBedouin
    The snow covered mountains

    They stand firm and tall; when you stand in front of it, all your problems seem so puny and little. Besides, it is also a great teacher. Why? Because visiting the snow-covered and rock mountains challenges you more than your everyday life does. So in a way, it shapes you, prepares you, and makes you accept that yes life is challenging and you are bound to win those challenges once you face it. The mountains make you humble towards life, less complaining and give you the strength to accept life as it is yet at the same time makes you stronger for the challenges. You can easily sneak under the cosy blankets of your home and yet you decide to visit the chilling cold out there; well that is determination and that is what the mountains teach you to be capable of.

    Sea exemplifies to you the nature of life; how tumultuous it could be.

    The Bay of Bengal @DoiBedouin
    The Bay of Bengal 

    But however up and down it goes through it has to come to a rest on the beach. So the sea beach teaches us to be patient and calm and also delivers the universal truth that even after countless waves, life would take a steady form, all we need is to have the perseverance to bear the waves.

    Forests are the constant reminders of survival, through thick and thin, through every infeasibilities.  

    A forest of pines @DoiBedouin
    A thick cover of pines

    The towering dense woods echo the very essence of coexistence. To survive along with the other fauna without breaching the balance of this natural Noah’s Ark.

    Valleys are the results of the harsh forces of nature, and yet an amazing epitome of beauty.  

    Valleys are the quintessential stretches of life's low phases, and how they mold one to evolve into a stronger self. The surrounded walls of the highlands metaphor for the good episodes which but adds to the beauty of the same. 

    The Lachung Valley @DoiBedouin
    The Lachung Valley

    Desert teaches us the invincible and harsh reality that life could ever offer, death (of our loved ones) and the despondencies surrounding it. 

    And yet it has a camouflaged grandeur. The rugged topography when encountered, rip us apart within minutes, nevertheless bestowing us with endurance and acceptance. Once achieved, life has a divergent perspective to it, analogous to witnessing the veiling starry night sky in the middle of the sand dunes. 

    The Sahara Desert @National Geographic
    The Sahara Desert. Credits: National Geographic Kids

    This is why we tend to find solace in Nature and visiting them acts as a tranquilizer to pacify our disturbed mind.  Traveling is not escaping from life but probably preventing life from escaping us.

    A Traveler's Guide to Interpreting Life by Exploring Geography @doibedouin
    A Traveler's Guide to Interpreting Life by Exploring Geography @doibedouin

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    1. HI.
      I loved your post. Travel is such a importante part of our life. We really feel that we learn so much about us when we discover the world! And for sure we love to Nature, it's so good for the soul!!

    2. I really like your last sentence. There are so many people who think traveling is an escape, when it's actually not. Traveling is life, traveling is joy, traveling is finding your true self.

      1. Yes I encounter that a lot myself.... "always escaping away" :)

    3. This is a really beautiful post. I've been traveling for 14 months and I never thought in this perspective, as if every landscape has something special to offer. I suppose I've been feeling it in my heart but it's great to read it in this post!

    4. Agreed that Traveling is not escaping from life but probably preventing life from escaping us. I Travel Because I want a Life Full of Memories.

    5. This is a great post.As a traveler, I really love that topic. It shows how traveling are formed us in our daily living.

    6. Great post and brilliant images, I do not travel much, but reading your post and seeing the images, makes me realize I`m missing out.

    7. Such a wonderful post where we get wisdom from different surroundings we're been. Everything on this is really what's happening in real life.

    8. This is very inspirational and makes me stop to think deeply to myself. I love the way you put nature into perspective. Thank you for this!

    9. This is a great idea for a post! I do think no matter where you are in nature, you can find time to meditate and gain new perspectives.

    10. So true! Traveling is life. If only im a millionaire, I would spent half of my life traveling. Great blog

    11. One of the many reasons I love to travel is to experience different aspects of nature. I live in the desert so I often book trips to beaches.

    12. I love this post. Natural has so may beautiful and unique aspects all over the world.

    13. I love the mountains. I go sometimes twice a year. Would go more often if it weren't for distance

    14. I love this. I love traveling. Its really refreshing me. I do love travel and make lot of memories.

    15. love your post, and very helpful things shared in this, I love your last sentence.


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