Bengali’s Best Staycation, Durga Puja || The Adieu ||

The legend has the festival as the home-coming of the daughter with her children and on the last day she sets off for her other home, to her husband. Durga is immersed in water bidding her good-bye, waiting for her to come the next year. The hardest part of every festival is bidding good-bye to it and this staycation is no exception. 

However the hope persists and the people part with their beloved daughter with smiles on their face. The women respects and wishes each other participating in Sindoor-khela, the vermillion red as a sign of Shakti, signifying the good vanquishing the evil, the inner strength residing in women of all times. Last year, Tridhara Sammilani took the Sindoor-khela beyond just rituals, it was depicted as strengthening and valuing the womanhood as along with Devi Durga.

A Durga immersion procession is organised every year through Red Road Kolkata owing to the farewell. 

Offering Prayers to the Deity


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  1. lovely photography dear, I love this Sindoor-khela, i never been through but i saw in movies, nice information. thank for share with me.

  2. It's interesting to read about a festival which focuses on women and respecting their strength. Does this festival happen the same time every year? Lovely photos.

    1. Hey there, many thanks for reading ... Well it is always in the month of October. Very rarely it shifts to the end of September

  3. I am so eagerly waiting for Puja this year, I can't believe its just few days away. Great post though


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