Why and Which 29 Songs the Couple Should Add to Their Playlist for a Road Trip

A song to the ears is an integral part of traveling, the window side of a running conveyance add extra hues to it. When it comes to a long road trip, a jovial playlist raises the excitement of it all. And when you are accompanied by your significant other on the go, the songs complement a wholly different perspective all the way long. Here is a list of mood-boosters for couples for cheering up their on-the-go motivation, a mix of love with the shades of the wanderer’s seeking.

    Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Beddingfield

    Remember this song by Natasha Beddingfield? The song has been videoed in many films, be it that particular road trip of Ugly Truth or the self-realisation and stress busting of Emma Stone in Easy A, this song reflects the ‘sweet escape’ that traveling can be interpreted as.

    Start of Something New by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

    A lovely reminder of “High School Musical” this song reflects the consequences of taking chances, which is again a good start for the first-timers of road trips; experiencing the happiness in something you never would have done, had you not pushed yourself to do the same. So deserving to be in your playlist. Not only for couples, but the song even goes with the solo travellers.

    I am weightless by Natasha Beddingfield

    So perfect and fitting for the solo travellers, each line of the lyrics.

    Touch the sky by Julie Fowlis

    The soul song of traveling.  Right from the start,  mountains,  waters,  wind splashing on your face depicting what journeying means truly. Merida also swirls in imaging the song so perfectly in your brain as the song plays on. 

    Dancing in the dark by Rihanna

    Rihanna's dancing in the dark in Pixar's home is a perfect one for a little pitch dancing on your car seats.  Remember how O started moving to the rhythm of the music in Home.  That's exactly what happens with you too. 

    I am alive by Celine Dion

    Featured in Stuart Little 2, this is one perfect song for the duo on the road.  Soaring high to the sky with the journeying, supporting each other all through the trip. 

    A new day has come by Celine Dion

    Another one from Celine Dion.  This song reflects the silver lining in one's life and traveling can be a beautiful interpretation of the same.  

    More of me by Natasha Beddingfield

    Natasha Beddingfield's song screened on Tangled with Rapunzel's first time stepping out of her cove so relates to our real life venturing out on the roads and the presence of our loved one adds memories to it.  

    Who I am by Natasha Beddingfield

    Again a self-realization song from Natasha Beddingfield perfect for even the solo travelers.  Often do we need to realise our extents even if we are with our special ones,  to boost our own confidence so as to help each other out in difficult times. 

    A million dreams by Ziv Zaifman

    When the changing panoramas swirls past your window of your speeding vehicle, all those million dreams in your head materializes in split seconds.  Looking out through your window and then looking into the eyes of your loved one which affirms a similar inquisitive yet achieving look back makes the long journey worthy indeed. 

    Never be enough by Loren Allred

    This high noted one from Loren Allred is all the right song for acknowledging the presence of your significant other all through the journey.  The lyrics says it all. 

    Try everything by Shakira

    This song will keep you motivated till you reach the end.  Through the ups and downs of everything on the road it will leave you cherishing it.  

    How far I'll go by Alessia Cara

    Moanna's venturing out so fits in your playlist. And if it's a marine drive then touche there's your song playing. 

    Adventure of a lifetime by Coldplay

    This song symbolizes life as the 'she' and how it should be cherished each and every moment.  You can interpret it in your own way relishing each other's presence. 

    Neon lights by Natasha Beddingfield

    A more of a love song, however boosting enough to keep you on refreshed on the tracks. 

    Firework by Katy Perry

     The song perfect for relishing the freedom on the roads, to let out that spark out. 

    U make me wanna by Blue

    Remember Blue's video on this song.  It was my favorite back then and is still now.  Couples going on a road trip with the hues of wanderlust and love so rightly proportioned

    All we know by The Chainsmokers

    It is the song for the couple on the road promising each other to stay by the side of the other whatever it takes.    

    Something just like this by The Chainsmokers

    You don't need to be some superhuman for your other half,  you just have to be together through the traversing roads of life (and also the road ahead) 

    Gorgeous by Taylor swift

    How about falling in love with the same person all over again for a few minutes.  Flirting with your loved one for that particular stretch of the song adds sugar to your trip. 

    2002 by Anna Marrie

    Reliving your memories on the go,  with the added flavor of the vibrant world outside. 

    Don't you ever leave me alone- David Guetta and Anne Marrie 

    Again a song acknowledging each other's presence all through. 

    Always by Sia and David Guetta

    Full of love,  reliving memories and more memories on the traveling course. 

    Perfect by Ed Sheeran

    Have you seen the video?  The video itself will urge you to go out on the roads with your better half, let aside playing it on the route.

    Justin Bieber-Despacito Mashup by Micheal Constantino

    This is the mashup of all Justin Bieber songs on one note of Despacito and a must hear on any time of the trip

    Despacito original by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee 

    When you talk of the mashup can the original be far behind? So it should also be there in the list.

    Galway Girl by Ed Sheeran

    Another song of Ed that should have its place in the playlist.

    Shape of you Ed Sheeran

    The most sensational song and it cannot be missed on any occasion.

    Shape of you by Indian raga

    The Carnatic version will keep you moving equally as the original score and hence is one important member of the list.

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    1. Omg most of these songs are my favourite!! :) I love them!

    2. I love this. We are taking a road trip soon and so many of these I can see being added to my phone.

    3. It's a huge collection. Some of them are my fave as well. I'll check others also to listen.

    4. wow, nice and unusual post
      Touch the sky yes, favourite one along with the movie!Thanks for putting them all together!

    5. Aaah! Music is the soul of any travel.. at least that’s the case for me! Love ur playlist ideas.. taking inspiration from it ��


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