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Which Apps to Use for a Hassle-free Traveling in India?

India is a vast land of diverse backdrops and cultural heritage as well.  So if visiting India is on your bucketlist, for a luxury trip or a budgeted staycation, then here are the apps through which your stay could be made easy. Happy wandering! 

Google Trips
as Travel Planner

Get every details about a place on this app. This also provides an approximate itinerary as per your duration.
Get the app here: Google Trip

Google Map
for Daily Hiking Through the Cities/Locales

Google Map shows you literally every places in the whole world and every bit connecting it. The initial planning stage connecting the jots about a place can be done from here. And while on the streets you can navigate to reach your destination too.
Get the app here: Google Map

for Flight

Google Play refers this as the best travelling app for the Indian subcontinent. However this app offers cheap flight fares in particular.
Get the app here: Ixigo Flights

for Flight

A similar app to Ixigo flights used all over the world and offers at par prices of the flights. The price range for both the app is almost same.
Get the app here: Kayak


for Cashless Payment

Unlike PayTM and Google pay, mobikwik accepts international Debit/Credit cards. UTS also accepts recharge through mobikwik wallet.
Get the app here: MobiKwik 

IRCTC Connect
for Long Distance Trains

For using this app you need to register on the official website of IRCTC and thereafter you can book the long distance trains from this android interface and check the status of your booking. The term tatkal refers to the immediate ticket booking. This is done on the previous day of the journey from 10 am for upper class (2AC i.e. 2-tier AC class and 3AC i.e 3-tier AC class) and 11 am for non-ac sleeper class. IRCTC accepts international Debit/Credit cards through the payment gateway of M/s Atom.
Get the app here: IRCTC Connect  

UTS (Unreserved Ticketing System)
for Local Trains

Another interface by the Indian Railways for getting the local train tickets without going into a long queue of people. The only thing is that the tickets are to be done from outside the premises of the station, a minimum of 200m distance is to be maintained from the tracks. Also you should be within 2 Km from the station.
Get the app here: UTS

for Bus Booking

The long distance bus service can be accessed from this app. All the known regional Bus services are in this app with the mentions of all the facilities available.
Get the app here: RedBus 

Booking.Com and AirB&B

for Homestays

AirB&B is famous for its collection of homestays all over the world, however the remote areas are not that connected through B&B, even if they are they demand a lot of rent. offers quite a few range of homestays with affordable prices. Nevertheless if the place is easily connected by the roads and on plain terrain, one might relate the prices in both the app.
Get the app here: / AirBnB

Ixigo Cabs

for City Trails

Both the apps of Ola and Uber are good for booking the local cabs for a comfortable journey. Ola has the feature of Outstation too where a whole day local sightseeing can also be booked. Uber on the other hand is more handy and a bit cleaner. And Ixigo cabs provides the comparison of the prices and you can opt for the cheaper one from here.
Get the app here: Ixigo Cabs

for Hotels

Comparing and choosing the best deals for the hotels are made easy through this app. Giving your dates and location, this app would automatically sort out the cheapest accommodation option,
Get the app here: Trivago

for Volunteer Accommodation

If you are looking for volunteering while traveling then here’s your app. GivingWay is the only site where I found maximum hosts. One may check HelpStay online for famous locales like Goa, too.
Get the app here: Givingway 

for Restaurants

This particular app made food trailing easy. Search for the best restaurants of the place. It got a lot number of reviews and user photos to help you choose a restaurant.
Get the app here: Zomato  

for Mountain Hiking and Biking Trails

Want to go for a mountain hike or bike through the forest stretches of the mountains of the North or the North East? You can get all related information here in this app.
Get the app here: AllTrails

Just Dial
as Online Phonebook

This is literally the phonebook over the internet. Type in the name of the place and call in to check the details and authenticity of the same.
Get the app here: Justdial

for Entertainment Shows (only if you feel like)

Want to sleek in a movie hall for a break from the trip in the evening? If that be the case, book your tickets to your nearest movie hall through this app.
Get the app here: BookMyShow 

SafeCity: for reporting Sexual Harrasment Going by the several reports and reviews on the net if for any reason you feel unsafe or for any sort of harassment on streets, you may directly report through this app. For the procedures and advantages one may check their website hereGet the app here: Safecity 


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