Things you Should do while away at Puri

It was first time outing, although to the neighbouring state, yet the heart was pounding for reasons unknown. 

Destination: Puri Bhubaneswar and back. 

It was a long weekend and the plan was a last moment one- to Bengal's one favorite getaway, Puri. Sea beaches never appealed to me such as the mighty mountains but this trip was "let’s give it a try, you never know" sort of a trip. So out I stepped, yielded to the kindling wanderlust. 

Missed out the train tickets as it was a last-minute call, so the journeying started off from Hastings. Generally, the usual start-off points are the Esplanade bus stand, however, given to the IPL match at the Edens it was at Hastings. Reached Puri the next day. The first thing that was done was reserving a cab driver for the entire tour. The first day was completely dedicated to the sea beach. Summer was on the verge of getting into the heat waves, so the sands were much heated. But the shoreline melted the heat away and the deeper I went into the sea the more pleasant it became. The afternoon passed by the marine side watching and experiencing the waves accumulating and breaking onto the shore.

The famous Chariot Wheel of the Konark Sun Temple @DoiBedouin_Jayashree Sengupta
The famous Chariot Wheel of the Konark Sun Temple

In the evening, it was decided to have a visit to Swargadwar, literally the doorways to heaven, to have a taste of the famous Goja and also to have a look at the evening sea-shore.

Prawns at Puri @DoiBedouin
Prawns as the sea-food here

Famous Kakatua Goja place of Puri Swargadwar
Must have a goja here. 

The second day started with the sunrise at the Puri Beach, though it was a bit cloudy. The morning tea was available at the beach itself. Amidst the crowd and all the noise, there was an innate quietude which was beguiling.

Sunrise at Puri Beach
Sunrise at Puri Beach

The Reflection of Sun Rays on the Waves at Puri
The Reflection of Sun Rays on the Waves

Later in the day, the Jagannath temple was visited. Pandas (local pandits) are available for guiding you through the temple. The temple parts consists of the following in order as- Mukhashala (Frontal porch); Nat mandir (Audience Hall/Dancing Hall); Garba griha (Sanctum sanctorum) where the trio are lodged on the ratnavedi (Throne of Pearls); Bhog Mandap (Offerings Hall). 

Since photography is not allowed in the premises, it is advisable not to carry camera or else you have to deposit your things to a keeper outside the temple premises.

The temple roof architecture is pyramidical and rise in steps coinciding to form the Shikhar where each day different flags are waved. Other notable small temples are there of similar forms- Vimala temple dedicated to goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati temple, Surya temple, etc. The rest of the day was again spent on the beach.

Jagannath Temple of Puri
Jagannath Temple

Roof flag of the Jagannath Temple of Puri
Roof flag of the Temple
A slight undertone, do not indulge in any activities here, also do not touch any shrine unless you yourself feel to. You need to feel the aura of the place yourself, do not let anyone force you feel it. And as for the “anyone”, you will find many.
The third day trip was to visit Konark Sun temple, Dhaulagiri, Lingaraja Temple, Khandagiri-Udaygiri caves, Nandankanan and call it off at the BBSR (Bhubaneswar) station.

The Sun Temple architecture represents a giant ornamented chariot dedicated to the Sun god Surya. The chariot runs on 24 stone-carved wheels.

Konark Sun Temple Garden Premises
Temple Garden Premises

Konark Sun Temple Structure
Temple Structure
The temple carvings are also known for their erotic sculptures. The temple follows the traditional style of Kalinga architecture. It is oriented towards the east so that the first rays of the sunrise strike the main entrance and the wheels acts as sundials.

Next, the stoppage was Dhauli where presumably, Kalinga war was fought and hence the Santi Stupa at Dhauligiri was built and is dedicated to Buddha ideals.

Dhaualigiri Stupa of Bhubaneswar
Dhaualigiri Stupa

Next on the way was Lingaraja Temple built in the same architectural line to Jagannath temple with the same temple rooms. The deity here is Lord Shiva. And again photography is not allowed.

Lingaraja Temple Odisha
Lingaraja Temple (Source:Wikipedia)

Udaygiri and Khandagiri caves are renowned site seeing of BBSR. They are partly artificial partly natural caves. They are basically situated on two opposite hills. Compared to Khandagiri, Udayagiri offers more beautiful and better-maintained cave shrines. There are 18 caves in Udayagiri. (Source: Wikipedia)

Udaygiri Caves
Udaygiri Caves

Khandagiri caves
Khandagiri caves

The last stoppage was Nandankanan. Though only half an hour was there for the scheduled closing of the park, somehow it was managed to cover most of it. The white tiger and the reptile house are the luring ones. Others include crocodiles, turtles, deer, pangolins, etc.

Tiger at the Nandankanan zoo
Tiger at the Nandankanan zoo

Alligators at the Nandankanan zoo

Deer at the Nandankanan zoo

All in all, the architectures, and the sea as well, kept away the everyday drudgery at bay for a few hours. That was a perfect recess so as to provide further effervescence to life. And yes "let’s give it a try, you never know" indeed worked well. That day on, I realized, wanderlust never depends on the place, it depends on you; it’s how you choose to feel it.

Things you Should do while away at Puri

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Things you Should do while away at PuriThings you Should do while away at Puri

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