From Sawan Dutta, the Brains behind the Magnum Opus "Song-Vlog" Metronome

Yes you saw it right- it is a Song-Vlog.  Literally meaning the ticking music, the Metronome (click here and get welcomed by a melodious “Welcome to the Metronome”), is the brainchild of this lady in the black.

Meet Sawan Dutta, she is the living example of the phenomenal "when music meets travel"; an all-in-one talent of a composer, music director, music producer and singer-songwriter and of course, not-to-forget, a traveller. 

Credits: DNA India

Her travel vlogs are a sing-song ventures going by the name of Bengali Aunty's Travel Diary.  Her image in the vlogs personifies a spectacled bong aunt with a red bindi on her forehead wearing a monkey cap resisting the chilling cold outside.  In a less than two minute video the particulars of the places are displayed in a melodious unique way. Her other song-vlogs include the recipes of the Bong Cuisines like Illish (Hilsa)  and Kosha Mangso (Mutton)  which are also a must-see vlogs.  

From the Lady Herself

So you had this from the beginning itself or it occurred just as Harry occurred to Rowling? 

Well the idea of the song vlog occurred to me about two years ago, during a particularly low phase in my working life when two Bollywood films I'd been creating music for, got canned for two different reasons, and I was faced with the deeply disappointing fact that so much music that I'd created would now remain buried in hard disks, no one would ever get to hear them (smiles).

So why exactly a song vlog?

Why a SONG vlog or why a song VLOG? Well, song because I'm a musician / songwriter and creating songs gives me immense pleasure. And vlog because I wanted a periodic  outlet for multiple songs over a period of time, at somewhat regular intervals - and creating a video blog for each song seemed like a good idea for me

Any favourite instruments for vlogging that you cannot go without?

The Klopfgeist - or the Metronome of course - it’s the most important instrument at The Metronome (grins). That aside, I do most of my ideating on the piano.

Is this a solo outcome or a teamwork? 

It’s basically me, with all kinds of help from my husband. My husband's name is C B Arun.

You have been to many places till now, any favourite one so far? 

I think Amsterdam is possibly my favourite city so far, I keep going back there whenever I can. (Smiles)

While making the videos, any funny or memorable experience?

Oh many, both funny and memorable moments all through the process! Right from the very first vlog post where I had to shoot with a donkey - and I had to figure out how to make the donkey bray, after making it wear oversized dark glasses and headphones! After a lot of online research my friend in Chicago told me that I could make it bray by showing it a video of another donkey braying! So I downloaded a donkey braying video from YouTube on my iPad and took it along for the shoot! But the moment my donkey saw the video, it got totally alarmed, it broke its rope and ran away, with its two owners running after it! It took a long time and a lot of effort for them to bring the donkey back (Laughs).

How often do you meet curious eyes while videoing the vlogs? 

Curious eyes - well it depends on where I'm shooting and in what attire. It's invariably easier to shoot in a place like Bombay - where everyone is used to all kinds of shoots happening all around - or abroad, where people are mostly too polite to stop and stare. But Bengali Aunty does raise a few eyebrows wherever she goes - there was this coffee shop in Amsterdam where they actually refused me entry as Bengali Aunty, pretending that they needed to see passports to let people enter - the next day when I went as a regular person they had no trouble at all letting me in! In London on the other hand, Bengali Aunty blended in quite well since the whole city is such a large melting pot with so many kinds of people everywhere

What keeps you motivated to vlog?

Well my audiences and the huge amounts of warmth, appreciation and encouragement I constantly get from them is what keeps me going, keeps me feeling that what I'm doing makes a difference in a good way to some people, and that's a great feeling!

Any advice for the newcomers? 

While I'd say it's wonderful to follow your heart and do what gives you pleasure, one needs to keep in mind that none of this is exactly easy - it's a LOT of hard work combined with many different skills that I've acquired over many years that all come together to create a vlog like The Metronome - where I'm writing, composing, programming, performing, recording the audio, often shooting the video, organizing the production design and props, editing, post producing and colour correcting and handling all the SEO and media for all the vlogs with the help of CB's multiple accumulated skills over the years as none of this is as easy as it may look at times (Smiles)

Any vlogging/blogging tips to share? 

Not sure. Let's see. I'd say it's worth keeping in mind that no matter what you create, you won't be able to please everybody, there will always be some naysayers. So it's important to first and foremost make something that YOU yourself are happy with, that you will be able to look back on some years down the line and feel good about, rather than trying to follow trends or trying to please all kinds of other people out there.

Please share a few things about why you love travel & what it has taught you.

Why I love travel - I guess it's because it provides me with a much needed complete break from my intense working spells, by forcing a change of scene, change of background, change of everything around me. It's like rebooting my mental hard disk, starting afresh again with recharged batteries.

You like it? Then do visit the YouTubechannel and you are sure to love it more.

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