Bengali’s Best Staycation, Durga Puja || The Shopping ||

Making way for the prime celebration of the year, cannot be done without the shopping. And the shopping spree of the state reaches an optimum during the pre-Puja. You be on the streets and you will find the stalls already flourishing with the colourful dresses. Even the shopping malls get flooded with pondering eyes looking for that picture-perfect outfit for the multiple d-days back to back.

Bengali’s Best Staycation, Durga Puja || The Shopping ||


The New Market area of Esplanade, Kolkata sees the crowd all though the year. However that does not exclude it from drawing people before the Puja’s. And if you somehow happen to be the Sorcerer of Bargaining then this is exactly the place to do your bargain hunting.
Hatibagan, at a tram-distance from Esplanade is another hub of the shopping. Dedicated shopping malls like the Bazaar Kolkata, Citi Mart or the branded outlet of FBB, or even the moving Big Bazaar on the tram, are always the reliable termini to meet the binge.
Burra Bazaar is the hypermarket of the wholesalers and if one wants to avoid the mass there, no worries, local retailers are there to bring the products to you; laying out the new trends wholeheartedly in their own out-and-out smaller emporiums.
Brand Factory is one famed outlet in the Southern Kolkata where you are bound to get the goods at lower prices. And every other malls are having the allocated stores of Reliance Trends, Pantaloons, Lifestyle and Max. And if those eyes did not yet get the perfect apparel, then online shopping is your bliss.


The emblematic attire for that particular period of the year is the red-bordered nine yards of white (saree for females) and the five and a half yards of single-coloured dhoti with golden borders (for male counterparts). Newer trends come up every year. Even brands acknowledges this time of the year and come up with the attention-grabbing adverts; be sure to catch up, if you have not yet,  the new ad of Pantaloons.

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  1. Shopping mane pujor notun jama kapor, shopping mane baire khaowa daowa. Shopping mane mon khule ghora ebong bargain er shero howa. Shopping mane pujo is here. The hotspots you mentioned above are surely the most happening shopping destinations in Kolkata for shopping ethusiasts. All these years shopping meant garnering sometime new out of the upcoming trends for me. But the emblatic attire you quoted is always the best trend to go for when one is ready for a staycation during Durga Puja in the city.


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