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6 Reasons Why Travelling Solo Is Taking Over

Have you ever felt on a grouped trip that you are not fitting in the group, your needs does not sync with others’ or yourself being left out? Or ever cancelled a planned trip that you so wanted, for the third time in a row at the last juncture? Then here is your answer, gather the courage, follow your hunch, buckle up and set out to travel on your own. Still an apprehension inside? Then these are the various reasons you are so doing it.

Don’t let your plan go waste

You yourself know how many hours you spent after that perfect planning of the trip. Gathering information about the sites and the stays not only asks for a great deal of time but also tries your patience. Dropping the plan waiting for others, wastes your efforts making it in the very first place. So just go out and fly away with your wings gliding.
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You will find control over the itinerary

When you travel solo everything is in accordance to your will. You and only you have the authority on every dime you choose to spent, every spot you wish to visit and the stars of your accommodation.

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A sudden change in plans goes as convenient

Since you are the master of your own will, a change in the course of the trip or an extra addition is completely on you. No permission or discussion required which brings us to…

You are not answerable to anyone for your choices

It may so happen that the trip does not go as planned. If you are the planner then everything is on you. If someone else is travelling with you, then you have to be answerable to them for not meeting up to their requirements. Neither do you have to feel guilty. Also you tend to become selective when it comes to choices of others.

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You can focus on yourself

Solo stay in a hotel room and having some me time all the way is another advantage of the same. Get into a top floor room, open your window, have a cup of hot beverage sitting by the frame and relish the view outside, unperturbed. Order your foods in your room, tuck in the blankets and be the queen of a patented kingdom of yours. Vacating out solo without soliciting to others’ need and enjoying your own rhythm is the first thing to enjoy in such trips.

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You will also focus on the journeying

When you are done with travelling you will find yourself having more vivid memories of the places itself which somehow gets divided when in groups. When it’s the latter, you tend to engage yourself with creating memories with the people you are with than of the place you are in.

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  1. Yes i totally agree with this. Sometimes travelling in group can have a lot of problem especially the places each person wants to go or even what to do, Most of time, time is spend waiting for each other. There and pro and cons in anything


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