Shine, Dine and Wine at Monkey Bar of Fort Knox

Up for a chilled beer on the weekends over a reunion of friends and taking selfies then this is the perfect setting. Situated on the ninth floor of the Fort Knox Building in the heart of Camac street, you can easily spent good and sassy hours with your friends over a mouthful of margarita or red wine and butterfly chicken and pizza.


The ambiance is luxuriating with lightened balls hanging behind you; also the guitarist playing and singing would brighten you up. The window side seats are best as atop the building you are going to get one of the best view of the Kolkatan skyline- through the dome of Victoria Memorial and tower of  St. Paul's Cathedral; you could also view the Vidyasagar Setu or the second Hooghly bridge and of course The 42. 

The service was great although the price would seem a bit higher; however given the ambiance and aristocracy the price is at par. All in all, the time was well spent. 
And it's been magical!!!!
How to reach there
Take metro form Esplanade and get down at Maidan, then walk through Chowringhee road. When you come to Shakespeare Sarani crossing, walk straight and bend to Abanindranath Tagore sarani and you would find Fort Knox building. 

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