The Insider's Guide to Indian Museum: A Walk Through the Pre-history

Hopping through a museum is like figuratively going back in time and visiting the prehistoric era. Succumbing to our childly intellectual imaginations, we hover through the premises, awestricken with what our world had been. It is like moving in reverse, to the Palaeolithic eons, to human discovering fire, however with the same innate inquisitiveness and thrill. The reminiscence of visiting a new place is always relishing and when it comes to visiting a museum, the dormant primal strings of our genes unprecedentedly gets stimulated.  
The massive skeleton of the Mammoth

Indian Museum Kolkata is one of the oldest museum in Asia. The Italian styled grandeur comprises of three floors with sixty galleries divided into six main sections of Anthropology, Art, Archaeology, Zoology, Botany and Geology.  The entrance to the grassy lounge has the galleries of Bharhut, Gandhara and Coin on the right and Siawalik on the left. On the first floor it houses the main attraction namely Invertebrate Fossil Gallery, Palaeo-Anthropology Gallery, Cultural Anthropology Gallery where the skeletons of mammoths will leave you spellbound. The other antiques include the Egyptian Mummy and Buddhist archaeological remains.
The replica of the stupa at Madhya Pradesh showing the sculptures

Buddha Statue

Peeping through the back

Among the fossils

When the pre-history smirks at you

Comparison between the Blue whale and the Narwhale. One's skull length equals the other's whole body skeleton.

Wondering at the sight of the spine of the Blue whale.
Reminded of Avengers 1??? 

Rib cage of Blue whale.

Gallery of aquatic samples.

Besides the galleries the building’s architecture is something to be appreciated. Every nook has a figurine to stop you and wonder at its exquisite delicacy. The staircase itself has effigies of the Ashok Stambh or the Indian National Emblem on the right and a bull on the left; the flight ends hold stone sconces and the first floor entrance centered a statue of Queen Victoria. 

Corridors of the museum

The staircase

Sculptured sconce

Victoria's statue

The lawn

Ticket Price:
Indians: Rs. 30; Foreigners: Rs.150

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  1. A walk through pre-history indeed... flawless presentation with perfect photographs.. just one thing, I wanted to see the mummy clicked.. its missing.


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