Take a Walk Through James Prinsep Ghat: A Visual Guide to The Picturesque Ghat of Kolkata

A stride along the river Ganges and have a pleasant sight of the twilight and the setting sun, the first name that would pop up in a Kolkatan's mind is that of Prinsep Ghat. The destination perfect for the amateur photographers; come evening, late afternoon rather, and the budding shutterbugs flock here to capture the mesmerizing twilight and the sunset. You reach here either from Esplanade, Kolkata or from Howrah. I would suggest a ferry ride from Howrah Ferry ghat to Babughat Kolkata to avoid the bus route in the peak evening hours; this would additionally charge up your mind by the fresh and breezy journey on the launch.
The Ganges ghat along the walkway.
The colourful boat rides. 
Dusky View 
Thereon walk straight to a few distance and you would find the eden garden railway station, walk a few step more and you would find the entrance to the walkaway along the ganges. Edged by Ganges on one side and rail tracks on the other, it is one of the best place to hang out. It is also photographers' choice for evening photography. Walk along the pathway, and it would end right under the Vidyasagar setu and beside Prinsep ghat station tracks. On the other side of the track stands the monument of James Prinsep. The monument together with the bridge is the perfect frame to be captured.
Dusky view of the monument

Evening view of the monument.
The walkway also holds an icecream and pizza parlour, Scoop. Order your ice cream, go upstairs get into an air conditioned room, grab a window seat, look out and Voila!!!!! That would be the most de-stressing therapy for you.
The effective cooling of Scoop
So next time you feel down and all of a sudden everything is falling apart, grab your wallet, avail any mode of transportation and visit this place. Do view the sunset from here and the lit up bridge in the evening. Everything is sure to fall into right places thereafter.

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  1. Gotta admit that this has never been on my bucket list but the pictures look so pretty that I may just reconsider..

  2. Those boats look so colourful! And the air-con ice cream parlour sounds perfect too!

  3. I have never heard of this place before! Looks absolutely amazing though... great pictures as well!


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